Error handling and handing over to a human

What happens when your bot doesn't understand a users question?  We know it's important that to relay both system status to the user and also keep the bot talking on brand.   That's why we've made it possible to customise a few elements of the error handling process.   

Error Handling can be accessed from the "Settings" tab (#1) and specific to each individual bot.  

Default Response (#2)

This is the response the bot gives when it doesn't understand a user. This can be customised and more than one response can be entered here, it will be chosen at random when a low score answer is detected. 

Handover after X Responses (#3):  

This allows you to choose after how many default responses the bot will stop responding and wait for a human to take over the conversation.  This feature can turned off, asked to handover immediately or after to stop after certain number of responses.  

If a user were to ask a question that the bot doesn't understand followed by one that it does the count of error responses sent resets.  

Handover Reset Timeout (#4):

Once the bot has hit the limit of the number of Default Responses you have programmed it to send it will prevent the bot from responding to user inputs for the amount of time set.  In the example above I have set this to be 30 minutes.   

If a user sends an inout within the 30 minutes, the bot will not respond.   

After the 30 minute window has passed, if the user sends another input to the bot it will respond. 

Handover Response (#5):

This is the final response that is sent to the user ahead of the enforced break.  You can use this to tell the user that the bot will no longer respond and a team member will be with them shortly.  

If there is more than one entry in this field then one will be picked at random.  You can delete by clicking the small "x".  

Be sure to click Save once you have entered all of your info.  

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