Bot Settings

Bot settings

The setting page allows you to modify basic bot information as well as access the necessary API keys. You will need these if you wish to programmatically interact with your bot from outside of the Hu:toma platform. The page will present you with two different tabs. Let's review them in detail.

General Info

When you first create a bot, you are prompted to enter its name, a description and other basic information documented here. The General Info tab exposes the same settings here in case you want to make further changes outside the creation flow.

Bot ID

The Bot ID represent a unique key to identify your bot. You will pass this ID in every API call so we will know the bot you are referring to.

Default chat response

Sometimes your bot might not understand a user’s input and it’s important that your bot answers in a way which is consistent with your brand.

This is why we have made it possible to customize the message the bot responds with when it doesn’t understand the user’s input.

To access this field, select the “Settings” page from left side panel whilst you have the Bot you would like to edit open.

Now edit the field labeled “Default response for when the bot doesn’t understand the user”

This can also be used to direct the user back to the functionalities of the bot.

Then be sure to click “Save” at the bottom of the page.

API access

You will also notice an API keys section containing the following items:

  • Dev Key
  • Client Key

Dev Key

The Dev Key is your private authorization token. We use this key to identify who you are, determine the bots you own and the resources you have access to.
Note: You should keep this key secret, as it allows unrestricted access to your bots, including publishing and deleting. Also, whenever you need to use this key make sure you use an encrypted channel (our API endpoints can only be accessed through HTTPS).

Client Key

The Client key is a publicly accessible authorization token. You can give this token to anyone accessing your bot programmatically. Unlike the Dev Key, this token provides limited read-only capabilities so can be shared comfortably.

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