Initial Bot setup

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Initial Bot setup, basic Bot settings

In this page, you will need to provide a unique name of bot for your account. If this is your first bot you can leave the other options at their default values, and hit the "Next" button. Hitting next will take you to the Add skills to your bot page.

Optional settings


Only English is available at present.


This is optional and can be changed later after you create your bot.

Time zone

Only Europe/London is supported at present.

Let the bot create new answers

By selecting “never”, responses to the user will come directly from the training data you provide.

If you “select always” then the platform will learn from the training data and can generate new answers for the user.

By moving the slider in-between “never” and “always” this changes how often generated answers are returned to your users.

It is possible to change this setting after you create your bot. Note that this setting does not apply to any linked bots.

Learn from users

Only No is available at present.


Selects the voice to be used in browser HTML5 Text-To-Speech in the developer console (only available on Chrome browser at present). Does not affect the voice of any speech in end-user clients (for example, Facebook Messenger).

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