Testing your bot

Updated 7 months ago by Matthew Clementson

Once you have trained and linked your bot you can interact with your bot without needing to use the Hu:toma API by using the chat window within in the BotStudio.

More technical detail about the response from the system is shown below in the JSON window.

In this case the JSON looks like this:

              "chatId": "d46b7122-c368-4754-898c-d2104b30424d",  
              "timestamp": 1497520475692,  
              "result": {    
                      "score": 1,
                      "query": "hi",
                      "answer": "hello",
                      "elapsedTime": 0.426
              "status": {    
                  "code": 200,  
                  "info": "OK"  

This is the same response that you would receive from an API chat call. For more technical detail, please refer to the API documentation.

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