Importing and exporting Bots

Import / Export

You can export your bot to a JSON file and later import it into a new one. All the intents, entities, and training file will be included with the export.

Exporting your Bot

On the Settings page, you can use the export button to generate a JSON file which contains all of your Bot's settings.

Importing into a new Bot

When you create a new Bot, you have the option of using a previously exported JSON bot definition file, which will use the information on the file to set up the new Bot.

  1. On a previously exported file, change the name of the Bot using a text editor (see below)
  2. Click the "Choose file" button and select the updated JSON Bot definition file
  3. Click the "Import Bot" button

Please note that if you don't change the bot name on the file, you will get an error while importing as you cannot have bots with duplicate names!

                "name": "<Enter a new name here>", 

Also, the file will contain the definitions to import, so they will override any of the Bot Basic Settings you may have entered on the same page.

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