Can I combine training methods?

Updated 3 months ago by Matthew Clementson

Building more complex bots

Hu:toma allows you to build on top of existing bots that have been built by yourself or by members of our developer community. Simply piece together bots like you would Lego, combining multiple functionalities within one composite bot.

This is done by clicking “Add Skills” during the bot creation flow. The process is described in details here You can choose one or more (currently limited to five) of the bots already created and made available in the Botstore by our developer community.

After following Step 1 (Creating a bot) and Step 2 (Initial Bot Setup) of creating a bot, you’ll see the list of all available bots which can be added.

If you choose to use one of the provided templates enable it and click save. You can always find more templates using Bot Store

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