Overwriting your Bot

What does overwriting your bot mean?

Doing so enables you to update a current bot with all of the attributes of a bot that you have previously exported.

In practice this means you can return to a previous version of your bot should you wish to so long as you previously exported this and have the JSON file of this version.

Overwriting your bot will erase all data about your current bot, except it's name, BotID, AIID. Do not overwrite unless you are sure that you're previous version works. A tip would be to clone your current bot first to ensure you do not lose any work.

Where do I find "Overwrite your bot"

First open the bot that you're looking to overwrite and then click the settings tab on the left hand side. Once here scroll down until you see the relevant section.

What do I need to overwrite my bot

In order to overwrite a bot you will need a Hu:toma AI Bot export file in JSON format.

You can export any existing bot from the settings tab of the bot.

This will export your bot in JSON format and this can be either reimported as a new bot or used to overwrite an existing bot as explained above.

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