How do I use the Bot Marketplace?

Updated 3 months ago by Matthew Clementson

The Hu:toma AI Bot Marketplace

Hu:toma bots are like Lego pieces that you can assemble together with no need to understand the underlying technology. You can, in fact, mix and match different bots with just few clicks. We call these Lego pieces "Skills".   

How do I use a Skill: 

  1. Navigate to the Bot store where you will see skills available for you to use
  2. Choose a skill from the store and click the green price button (All skills are currently free)
  3. Click the green "Add Skill" 
  4. Return to the home screen &  
  5. Now you have the option. 
     Creating a new bot can be done by clicking "Create new bot"
    Adding the skill to an existing bot by clicking "View bot" on the bot you'd like to choose
  6. Click the green "Add Skills" button 
  7. Select the skill(s) you would like to add to your bot by clicking the radio button to the green position
  8. Test the bot new skills out in the chat window or wherever the bot is integrated 
  9. Optional:  You can add a training file, intents, and entities to your bot if you'd like.  

If you have any questions please contact our Support via the chat widget in the bottom right.   

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